Wednesday, 20 June 2012


This was the second time I saw the Bhundu Boys, at Newcastle University on 8 October 1987. I had seen them earlier that year in Oswestry, Shropshire and, though this did show didn't quite match that one, it was a good night all the same. 

This Stephane Grapelli show was in April 1989, and my friend and fellow English Studies student, Nick Collard, reviewed it for Monopoly, the student newspaper of Sunderland Polytechnic. As the music editor for the paper, I had asked him to write about the show, and a very good job of it he did.

I think this gig was in May 1990 and, in those days, Daintees shows were always something special.

I have a feeling that Cathal Coughlan supported The Fall at this show, though I may well be off the mark. I don't remember this being one of Mark E. Smith's best performances, but that's the nature of the band.

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