Tuesday, 19 June 2012


This is a ticket for Oasis at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, on 20 February 1998. As it was the first time they'd played in Japan since becoming superstars, these were hot tickets, and I remember having to use a public phone in Hakone to call the ticket agency when they went on sale.

By the time Oasis played Yokohama Arena on 6 March 2000, tickets were a little easier to obtain. Ironically, I think this was a better show than the Budokan gig two years before.

Review of Budokan show in The Daily Yomiuri 

Flyer for Japan Tour 1998

Flyer for Japan Tour 2000

This is a flyer for the Oasis Japan Tour 2002. I went to one of the shows (I think it was 28 September) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, in Shibuya, Tokyo, with Junko, my wife. It wasn't a bad show, though they never played "Wonder Wall," and simply played a tape of the song to mark the end of the concert.

Flyer for Japan Tour 1998

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